We Bulb Daily, 100% perfection

WBD in Voorhout is a professional and consumer-oriented trading company that specialises in bulb flowers in pots. With the brothers Eric and Mark Warmerdam on the executive board and a team of enthusiastic employees, we work every day on supplying beautiful products of optimal quality.

We specialise in supplying customised product to retail companies in Europe that make large-scale purchases. We also cooperate closely with various wholesalers to provide optimal filling of displays. Our flower bulbs find their way to consumers around the world.

Our core values

100% Professional

  • From propagating the bulbs to delivering the potted plant, it is all organised internally at WBD.
  • Ensuring quality by managing the entire chain
  • An honest and clear view of doing business

100% involved

  • We believe in corporate social responsibility (e.g. MPS GAP)
  • We feel connected to our customers, consumers, the environment and our product

100% Easy

  • We provide customised product to our customers
  • Alleviating their worries and contributing solutions
  • Quick, flexible and ready for use

100% Unique

  • We innovate consciously
  • We are unique entrepreneurs and refuse to be normal
  • We like doing things differently